School Board Minutes 2016-17 & 2017-18

2016/17 Spray School Board Members

  • Michelle Ordway - Board Member
  • David Newton - Board Member-Chair
  • Jonathan Asher - Board Member - Vice Chair
  • Nathan Campbell -  Board Member
  • Brianna Skeem - Board Member

 Mandatory Reporting

Any district employees having reasonable cause to believe that any child with whom the employee comes in contact has suffered abuse, or that any person with whom the employee comes in contact has abused a child, shall orally report or cause an oral report to be immediately made by telephone or otherwise to the local office of the Oregon Department of Human Services or to a law enforcement agency within the county where the person making the report is at the time of his/her contact. The district employee should also immediately the superintendent. Board Policy: JHFE-AR(1)

Board Minutes

Attached are the approved minutes of the Spray School District Board meetings.

Teacher Qualifications

Parent Request Form for Information about Teacher Qualifications

Any parent who has a child attending any school receiving Title I funds may request and receive, in a timely manner, information regarding the professional qualifications of the student’s classroom teachers.  In addition, the parents may also ask whether the child is provided services by a paraprofessional and, if so, his or her qualifications [Section 1111(6)(A) ESEA.]


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